Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ghost Dance (Flash Fiction)

Carrot Ranch Congress of Rough Writers prompt, November 18, 2015: In 99 words (no more, no less) write dance into your story.

Footprint paranormal dot com.jpg

Insomnia, what’s new. Still homeless. For soothing she pulls out her iPod, with some precious charge, wondering what song will shuffle up.

Johnny Cash. She is up, dancing around her sad, cold little squat. The guitars are a steady thrum, Johnny’s voice a rich rumble, ringing in her ears. Time slips, and it’s not her own feet anymore. She’s a little girl, and her father is dancing her around while she stands on his feet.

The song and the magic end, her eyes open. Those aren’t her footprints on the gritty floor. They’re too big, and she’s wearing socks.


  1. That she'd keep a precious bit of charge for music is such a beautiful and human detail. And the supernatural essence of her dance heightens her loneliness. Great flash! Really liking this story!

  2. Wow....graphic are your words. It's like I was sitting on the sidelines, watching it all take place.