Thursday, November 5, 2015

Toward Freezing (Flash Fiction)

Carrot Ranch Congress of Rough Writers prompt, November 4, 2015: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a frozen story. Is the weather the source of freezing or is a character frozen by emotion or lack of it? It can also be a moment frozen in time. What does it reveal?


She wakes resentfully with the realization that winter has arrived. The calendar may say autumn; the weather gets the last word.

She  shivers and sits up.  Thin light fingers around the boards on the windows. Troubles raises his head and whines hopefully: “Kibble? “ At least she can't see her breath. Yet. But it's November. The heavy leaf coverage, her camouflage as she sneaks in and out, is nearly gone.

You can have a sleeping bag, insulating pad, the comfort of a dog beside you on the floor. But when you're homeless and squatting, you can't have warmth. Not truly.


  1. To have no home, no kibble, no warmth, the cold must feel like a foe. You capture the heaviness of that feeling in your flash.

  2. You have created a very stark and emotive picture of this homeless woman. Sounds like it's just going to get tougher for her for a while. I hope there's a happy, and warm, solution not far away.